Fresh Tracks

March 6, 2015 we entered the Eastern Sierrra.  A short backpack hike up the closed road lead us to our first night's destination.  We set up a quick camp and set off for a night hike to Lake Sabrina.  The hike was fun, but almost mandatory to restore some feeling in our toes, it was surely below freezing. Lake Sabrina is a lake created by damming the middle fork of Bishop Creek. It is located south-west of Bishop.  We got to the lake around 9:45pm, took a few photos, admired the stars and headed back to our tents to get some rest.

Lake Sabrina at night.

In the morning we packed it all up, and backpacked further uphill to North Lake Campground in the Inyo National Forest.  The lake was frozen over and the snow was pleasant.  We stamped out some platforms and pitched our base camp.

After an early lunch we set out to break some new tracks with snowshoes.

We headed towards the John Muir Wilderness boundary, did some serious post holing, tackled a nice ridgeline and pitched the Eno Disco Hammock for epic relaxation. The daytime weather was great, the high 40's felt like 80's when the sun hits you and you're tromping in the deep white stuff.  At night it was about 17 degrees, but we all survived and had a great time!  Sunday morning, make some coffee in the vestibule and head back to the vehicles.  Great times!